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Concrete Contractor Services

Concrete Driveways

For the flatwork around your home, concrete is by far the greatest material option. It has a more upscale appearance, is cleaner and more environmentally friendly, reflects light, maintains a cooler temperature in the summer, and lasts for decades without the ongoing maintenance needed with asphalt.

Concrete Patios

Without a patio, no house would be complete. A family’s outside activities are always centered on a patio. Your patio will serve as the backdrop to a lot of cherished events over the years, including grilling, conversing, dinner parties, and warm summer nights. Patios, though, can truly suffer damage from all of this use. Heavy patio furniture, spilled food and beverages, and foot traffic can all cause significant wear and tear. You can’t go wrong with a concrete patio from concrete professionals, Strayer Concrete, if you want a patio that will endure the lifetime of your house and maintain looking fantastic.

Stamped & Colored Concrete

Due to its affordability, stamped concrete is another good choice for patios, pathways, and driveways. It has grown to be a very well-liked substitute for regular concrete since it offers a wide variety of design and color options. For a more expensive finish on your concrete, consider stamped concrete. The concrete has a texture or pattern that makes it look like slate, brick, cobblestone, and much more! Driveways, walks, patios, pool decks, and much more may all be decorated with stamped concrete. Call us right away for additional details!

Concrete Walkways

Whether you are a company owner or a homeowner, adding a concrete pathway to your property has several advantages over having a paver walkway done. You benefit from a walkway in terms of design, safety, and curb appeal. The first thing a visitor will notice upon entering your house or place of business is how pleasant it is. They are invited in and can easily access your front door thanks to a walkway.

Concrete Garage Floors

A new concrete garage floor will improve your garage’s overall appearance and significantly increase the value of your property when the time comes to sell. This is true whether your garage is used to store expensive cars or motorcycles, a workspace, or a “man cave.”

Concrete Pole Barn Floors

Are you considering putting a pole barn on your home’s grounds? Any shape, size, and specification may be made for your pole barn by Strayer Concrete. To assure a lifetime of dependable use, we will take care of all the preliminary work and pour the concrete foundation for your pole barn.

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